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Adeel Naim Khan

Address: Permenant (Karachi, Pakistan), Current (Muscat, Oman)
Twitter: @adeelkhan77

Professional info

* Working experience of 8+ years as RF Optimization Engineer with GSM 900/1800 / EGSM, W900 / 2100 networks and LTE 2300.
* 2G Vendor Knowledge of Ericsson, Siemens & Motorola + (3G) HUAWEI, ERICSSON
* Responsible for Optimization / Planning of R.F Network for optimum performance.
* Network Optimization with the help of key stats (KPI), Statistics Tools, Drive testing Tools & 3rd Party Optimization Tools.

Work experience

Expert RF Optimization Consultant. Nawras, Oman

March 2009 - present

* Monitoring of major QOS KPI’s like RRC Setup success rate, RAB Setup success rate CDR(PS&CS), soft handover success rate, Inter-RAT HO success rate (CS&PS) & Congestion(CS&PS).
* Optimizing parameter like Load control for CS & PS Congestion (code, power, CE congestion).
* Optimizing parameters for AMR Drops, improving SOFT H/O, Inter Freq / Inter RAT Success Rate.
* Tuning Cell Selection / Reselection parameters as per demand based on subscriber or KPI.
* Using Huawei NASTAR to troubleshoot Worst cells and customer complains.
* Pre and Post Optimization activities for new on air 3G sites for CS / Rel 99 and HSPA.
* Analyzing issues emerging from MultiCarrier issues including W900.
* Pilot Pollution assessment and rectification.
* Trace and Scanner data analysis to tune the cluster’s KPI.
* Tuning RNC parameters and conduct regular Audit for major parameters.
* Cluster Tuning and maintaining KPI's. KPIs include HOSR, TCH Drop, SDCCH Drop, TCH Blocking, SDCCH Blocking, RASR, CSSR, Paging Success Rate, Inter MSC Handover, PDCH Assignment Rate, PDCH Drop Rate, EDGE UL/DL Throughput etc, IRAT HO etc.
* Frequency tuning and planning, renewal and modification of Network.
* Adjusting sensitive power and filter parameters to attain maximum possible drops free network.
* Analyzing the causes of Handover Failures, TCH Drop, Interference (Co-Channel / Adjacent), MAIO & HSN Planning to enhanced capacity & quality.
* Escalation of faulty DRU to FOPS or O&M department for rectification.
* Analyzing the C/A and C/I through log files & MRR.
* Modification of LAC (Location Area Code) boundaries by performing detailed analysis of Paging statistics and SDCCH utilization in a network.
* RPMO Analysis for all Call Event analysis including Ericsson feature Real Time Trace (RTT).
* Parameters and Drive test logs analysis of newly integrated site.
* Site audit comprising of physical and parameter optimization involving identification of faults such as Feeder/Sector swap, faulty hardware & antenna azimuth/tilts.
* Detailed analysis of drive test logs of a city or cluster and propose changes including change of BCCH, Azimuth & or Tilts modification, Identification of spillages, Faulty Hardware escalation etc.
* FAS, to identify potential uplink interferer in cells.
* FAS-ICDM, to identify potential downlink interferer in cells.
* FOX, to recommend clean channels (evaluation is based on FAS-ICDM).
* MRR, to record information on the radio characteristics of the dedicated. Channels and calculates statistics on the data recorded.
* NCS, to specify adequate neighboring cell relations for each cell in the radio network. With NCS, handover decisions are more reliable and correct, which improves speech quality and results in fewer dropped calls.
* NOX, to suggest a number of neighboring cell relations to be added or removed.
* Monitoring the daily busy hour statistics, CELL & BSC Level, using NWS tool Business Object.
* Monitoring GPRS and EDGE performance statistics, mainly include, Number of successful and rejected Uplink TBF attempts, Average LLC-PDU and RLC-PDU data and throughput for uplink and downlink, PDCH allocation success rate and average allocated PDCH, Multi slot utilization.
* Utilization of dynamic SDCCH and DHR (Dynamic Half rate) to ease congestion in a network.
* Conducting Technical Site Surveys for new BTS / BSC sites and analyzing on ground situations to produce the best result.
* Providing the detailed report on post implementation of new parameter/feature trial.
* Radio Network tuning and design procedures and techniques, submission of dashboard reports to management, Weekly-Presentations concerning Optimization progress.

Exclusive Projects Handled:

* Project Manager Cluster Tuning & optimization for Pre Huawei Swap in the network.
* Project Manager W900 Trial implementation.
* Project Manager GSM 900 Spectrum Refarming Trial using Edge Approach leading to W900 implementation.
* Project Manager Capacity Management for GSM expansion.
* Project Manager for LTE Trial of 5 sites.

RF Planning & Optimization Consultant. Aircom / Zain, Ghana

April 2008 - March 2009

* Included in all aspects of Initial Nominal Planning for maximum coverage.
* Planning sites using Planet EV 4.2 Tool.
* Conducting Technical Site Surveys for new BTS / BSC sites and analyzing on ground situations to produce the best result.
* Sites Validation in coordination with Sub Contractors to verify the design as per RF requirements.
* Generating Prediction Maps using Planet EV 4.2.
* Conducting Area profiling of new cities to create the nominal plan.
* BSC / RNC Dimensioning wrt to BTS / Node B’s for both 2G & 3G networks.
* Creating Link Budget using Okomarahatta Model.
* New sites Initial Drive Test and Parameter / Hardware Optimization.
* Finalizing the Height and Tilts for 2G / 3G sites for better coverage.
* Monitoring major KPI’s on daily basis.
* Database Audit for new sites / Bsc’s to find inconsistencies.

RF Planning & Optimization Engineer. Etisalat, Dubai / UAE

July 2007 - April 2008

* 3G Drive testing for newly commissioned sites.
* Spectrum analysis using Spectrum analyzer to find out the root causes of noise in 3G system.
* New site planning for 3G Huawei using Planning tool U-NET.
* Daily investigation for Pilot pollution, weak RSCP Levels.
* Configuring parameters for CPICH Power to avoid interference.
* Missing 3G to 2G HO optimization.
* Optimization of Ericsson deployed network across Dubai including Ground, G+2 and G+50 Building and major highways connecting Dubai to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain etc.
* Comprehensive Drive testing using TEMS Investigation 5.1/6.1/8.1 for newly commissioned sites as well as quality issues and identifying no network coverage areas.
* Daily monitoring of BSC / CELL level KPI’s including CSSR, HOSR, SDDROP, TCHDROP, TCHCONG, SDCONG,UPQLTY, DLQLTY.
* Generating daily / weekly reports for worst cell affecting major KPI’s of network using RAW counters.
* Bench marking the Dubai region with 4 TEMS mobile including Scanner, Idle and Dedicated mode to compare coverage and quality with other operator(s) and later post processing, analyzing and optimizing the needful areas.
* Optimization of the network by altering the BSS parameters like AW, AWOFFSET, FBOFFS, BSPWR, MSTXPWR, LOL, LOLHYST, CRO for OL/UL cells etc.
* Removal of congestion through parameter optimization and necessary hardware addition if required.
* Analyzing one way / missing neighbor issues to improve the HO Success rate (Incoming + Outgoing) for cells / Bsc.
* Frequency planning of network using Baseband hopping having min 2 to max 12 trx per cell and re tuning of frequencies to minimize Co channel and adjacent channel interference resulting in improved C/I ratio.
* Redesigning of 2G / 3G cells if required using Height, Azimuth and tilts adjustments.
* MTR (Mobile Traffic Recording) feature has been used while drive testing in dedicated mode to analyze the Uplink behavior of MS along with the downlink.
* Using RNO tools like MRR, FAS, FAS ICDM, FOX, NOX to categorize the problem and then implementing the desired solution to overcome the issues in network.

RF Planning & Optimization Engineer. Telenor, Pakistan

Jan 2006 - July 2007

* Optimization of Siemens deployed network in South Pakistan cities of South region including major highways.
* Comprehensive Cluster drive testing using TEMS investigation 5.1/6.1 to check no coverage spots and quality issues. Post analysis of log files to bench mark the cluster as per agreed KPI’s with the vendor.
* Monitoring of cell level statistics extracted from raw data such as DCR, subscriber perceived TCH congestion, SD congestion etc.
* Optimization of the network by altering the BSS parameters like HOM, RXLEVAMI, RACHBT, CRESOFF, NSLOTST, HORXLVDLI, HORXLVDLO, PWRRED and various others related to the issue.
* Frequency planning of the Dual BCCH / Common BCCH network using 1x1 / 1x3 methods. Re-tuning of BCCH frequencies to minimize Co and Adjacent channel issues results in improvement of C/I.
* Responsible for Planning of migration from Dual BCCH to Common BCCH, keeping in count the adjacent and co channel issues and optimization of cell sites for the said purpose.
* Altering azimuths and tilts to optimize the overshooting & weak signal issues.
* Post Drive test analysis to reach the root cause.
* Collection the necessary data from Switch and OMC / NOC for further analysis and future planning and implementation through SPOTS.
* Daily routine analysis includes major KPI'S like CSSR, DCR, TCH/SD Blocking, HOSR etc … )
* Suggesting the HR/FR and other load sharing RF features as per requirement.
* Routine analysis of Blocking and Congestion using Erlang – B table to take necessary steps.
* Analysis of HO's which includes external and internal HO's, inter and intra cells.
* Done the Benchmarking for Telenor against 4 major operators and prepared the report after performing detailed analysis.
* Recommendation for appropriate change request.
* Database management to keep up to date with all the latest Parameters.
* Team Lead for Actix implementation and troubleshooting including creating reports.
* RF propagation studies for the initial design taken into account geo-marketing inputs for Macro cells , Ķcells & repeaters layers.
* Define search zone/ring; identify potential candidate and evaluate according to the objectives by using coverage prediction tool (ASSET).
* Perform detailed RF engineering for new sites, such as antenna selection, power level adjustment, frequency plan, neighbor list etc.

System Engineer. Mobilink, Pakistan

?Jan 2003 - Dec 2005

* Optimization of the network of more than 400 cell sites by performing Routine / Issue based Drive Testing using tool Ericsson TEMS Investigation 4.0/5.1.
* Optimization of total RF environment through appropriate approach using antenna type, beamwidth, azimuth, antenna tilting.
* Monitoring of Cell, Carrier and Neighbor stats such as Call Setup Success Rate(CSSR), Drop call Rate(DCR), Handover Success Rate(HSR),TCH congestion ( Inner or Outer Zone), SDCCH congestion, Path balances & Interferences ( IOI).
* Post processing of DT logs using ACTIX, TEMS Investigation 4.0/5.1 and MapInfo 7.5 by analyzing Rxlevel, RxQual and SQI etc.
* Integrating CTP (TA distribution, RxQual UL/DL, RxLev UL/DL) on the basis of log files analysis to clean RF environment.
* Optimization of the network by adjusting the BSS parameters such as HO_Margin, Congestion Relief, and SDCCH preferred RACH flow control and HO voting (N or P) parameters.
* Incorporation of DCS with PGSM band by using concentric cells methodology.
* Scanning mode Drive testing to eradicate C/I and C/A issues.
* Implemented features like DTX, Downlink Power control and new values for Radio Link Time out.
* Stats monitoring from OMC-R statistics management and MARS ( Motorola Analysis & Reporting System).
* Carrier related statistics like Path Balance, RF losses and IOI.
* Weekly monitoring of GPROC CPU stats ( Max or Min) and MTL TX or RX usage, Paging to ensure the defined threshold level specified by the vendor.
* Monitoring per neighbor stats for improving HSR.
* Also Worked in Operations & Maintenance Department of 7 months. (Included)


N.E.D University of Engineering & Tech. Karachi, Pakistan

March 2002

B.E. Electrical Engineer

P.A.F. Degree College, Faisal Base, Karachi, Pakistan

December 1996

B.Sc (Pass) 2 Years Degree

Dehli Govt College, Karachi, Pakistan

June 1994

F.Sc (Intermediate) Pre Engineering

St. Judes High School, Karachi, Pakistan

March 1992

S.S.C (Matriculation) Science

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1. BO Desktop Intelligence
2. Aexio Xeus Pro & Xeda
3. Real Time Trace (RTT)
4. RNO (Radio Network Optimizer)
5. FAS, FOX, NCS, NOX, MRR (RNO Tools)
6. MTR / CTR, RPMO Tools
7. Huawei IManager M2000
8. Huawei IManager PRS
9. Huawei IManager Nastar
10. Ericsson TEMS DT Tool
11. TEMS Visualization
12. Spectrum Analyzer
13. MARS (Motorola)
14. SPOTS (Siemens)
15. ACTIX Analyzer, Troubleshooter
16. ACTIXVeritune for analyzing DT logs.
17. Lucent / Alcatel PIANO
18. Mapinfo Tool
19. Google Earth



* “SILENT WARRIOR” Award (MOBILINK) 2004-2005.
* “Achievement Award” (MOBILINK) 2005.
* "Neuro Linguistic Programming" (NLP) Graduate.



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